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Crochet At Work

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'Crochet at Work' contains 20 fun, customisable dolls to crochet -you can choose the skin and hair colour, hair style, gender and outfit. Each doll has been dressed in clothing that reflects an aspirational career, so they're perfect for adults wanting to crochet for little ones who say, "When I grow up, I want to be a�" But, of course, once you've learnt the basic principles and techniques involved in crocheting the dolls, you can create any outfit you like. To start, there is a base pattern provided for three different body shapes: short and slim; slim and tall; mid-height and a little rotund. Including the different body types will help children to identify with the dolls. The chosen body type is worked in one piece, from the feet up, so very little sewing is required. Then each doll pattern shows where to change colour to form the clothes (the clothes are non-removable). There is a spread at the beginning of the book showing all the different hairstyles that can be created, too, so you can pick and choose how you'd like your doll to look. Accessories are also included where appropriate, such as an oxygen tank for the diver. With comprehensive tools, materials and techniques sections, illustrated with helpful photographs and illustrations, beginners will be able to enjoy the projects as much as experienced crocheters. Projects include: chef, doctor, vet, explorer, astronaut, soldier, teacher and firefighter.