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Creativ Textile Marker 6 pieces - 34820

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Permanent textile markers with two different felt tips at each end, which you can use to decorate new and old textiles.

Shake the marker well before use and place plastic or cardboard inside e.g. T-shirts and tote bags so that the colour doesn't seep through and rub off on the back. When the colour is dry, you can iron baking paper on top and underneath the textile item. After ironing, the colours stay beautiful when washed up to 40°C. Note that the marker is perfect for light cotton textiles etc..

  • Create easy-to-recognise tote bags to make your shopping trips easier. For example, make a bag for fruit and vegetables and draw bananas and carrots on with the marker
  • Get ready for school and let your child paint their first pencil case with a realistic pirate theme
  • Decorate a cap, a t-shirt or a pair of oven gloves with lines and motifs to fill them with personality and creativity


Textile markers are great for creative geniuses You can use them to bring all kinds of fabrics to life with unique patterns and cute drawings – and at the same time, you can go crazy with colour! The markers will therefore be a sure hit with people of all ages, both among artistic adults and creative children. Need a thin line for drawing and writing – or a thick line for colouring in? With our textile markers from Colortime, you have both options. If you want something that's easy to decorate textile and fabric with, this popular marker is a great choice.