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Sew On and Mend Alterations, Mending, & Curtain Making

Do you keep tripping over your trousers? Does your favourite jumper have a hole in it? Is the zip in your jeans broken?

We offer an alterations and mending service through our partner, Sew On and Mend; simply bring along the garment to Material Needs and talk to us about what needs doing. You'll be notified when it's ready to collect from us. Please make sure the garment is clean before bringing it to us or you may be asked to return once it has been washed.


Can You Measure Me Or My Garment In The Shop?
For the safety of you and our staff, we are unable to offer a measuring service at Material Needs. Please come with your garment pinned, or otherwise marked, to where you need it adjusted to (preferable) or with specific measurements for your alteration.

How Long Do Alterations And Repairs Take?
Sew On and Mend do their best to return your garment to you in about a week but please allow more time than this in case of busy periods or if you have a complex repair/alteration. If you're short on time and need a priority return please be aware this will incur a charge of £8.00.

What Are The Prices?
Please see below for a list of price guidelines but be aware that these may vary depending on the alteration or repair job as more complex problems require more time and potentially new fabric or other equipment.

If you would like a specific quote for your alteration or repair then come along to the shop with your garment. We will pass this on to Sew On and Mend who will call you back with a quote.

Payment is in Material Needs on collection of your garment. Please pay by cash wherever possible. There is an ATM just around the corner from us if required.

Shorten Hem £12.50
Shorten Hem
On Wide Bottoms
Insert Zip £15

Shorten Hem
(Contrast or same colour stitching)

Insert Zip (Metal) £15
Skirts & Dresses
Shorten (Unlined) £15
Shorten (Lined) £25
Insert Zip (Skirt) £12.50
Insert Zip (Dress) £15
Concealed Zip £20
Coats & Jackets
Insert Zip
-Short Jacket/Coat
£20 + cost of zip
Insert Zip
-Knee Length Coat
£25 + cost of zip
Insert Zip
-Full Length Coat
£30 + cost of zip
Cuffs On Shirts, Blouses,
Jackets, & Coats
Shorten (Unlined) £15
Shorten (Lined Jackets & Coats) £20
Nets Shorten £5 per Net
Nets Shorten & Add Header/Channel £10 per Net
Curtains Shorten £40 per Pair
Curtains Made To Order Order Specific